Pan & Batten Panel Systems

Straight (may be jobsite rolled for long length requirements)
Curved (shop or jobsite fabricated)

Material Limitations: 26 ga., 24 ga. and 22 ga. Steel
or .032 Aluminum

Radius Limitations for Curved Panels: 4' or greater. (For less than 4' radius, please inquire.)

Manufacturer or Profile Capabilities: AEP/SPAN Metals
        "Curved Cap-Seam Panel"
Berridge Manufacturing
        "Curved Tee Panel"
        "Curved Craftsman Panel"
McElroy Metal Mill
        "Medallion Panel"
Petersen Aluminum
        "Curved Snap On Panel"
Southwestern Roofing
        "Curved Masterloc Panel"

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NOTE:  DMW will roll and curve the pan portion of these systems. A snap-on batten can be roll formed and curved. Curving of customer's snap-on batten may be possible (please inquire).

Image of Pan & Batten System. Technical drawing of Pan & Batten System cross section.