DMW Curving, Inc.

DMW Curving, Inc., is the surviving entity of a partnership started in 1978 called Twin Oaks Construction. Twin Oaks was primarily a subcontractor/installer of metal roofing and wall panels. The partnership was dissolved in 1985 and the company name was changed to DMW Design, Inc., and continued to function as a subcontractor/installer and also began doing special fabrication such as tapered or conical shaped metal roof areas as well as domed structures. The company has continue to grow and develop, and is now known as DMW Curving, Inc.

When the Architectural community began designing projects with curved roofs, very few manufacturers or contractors had the expertise to accommodate the curved surfaces. DMW Curving, Inc., saw an opportunity to fill a need in this area and started fabricating and installing radius metal roofing. As the special fabrication pad of the business grew, DMW phased out its installation operations.

In the beginning, only the simple "pan & batten" roof systems could be curved. This system is a "water shedding" roof panel and generally requires a minimum of 3:12 slope to function properly, therefore requiring a waterproof membrane under the metal panels. Another shortcoming of this roof system was its nonstructural shape which requires a solid substrate for support. Again, DMW Curving, Inc. had the vision to see a need and set about filling it. There was a need to curve a "waterproof" panel. There was a need for a structural standing seam panel that could install over open framing. Just as important, or maybe more so, there was a need for flashing and trim shapes that could accommodate the curved roof areas.

In 2001, DMW Curving, Inc. was created to fill the needs of a curved structural and waterproof standing seam metal roof system. DMW Curving, Inc., meanwhile had been fabricating curved trim parts for some time, but commissioned certain equipment to be built that allowed us to become more sophisticated in the fabrication of the curved trim parts. There is only a handful of companies that can do what we do with trim.

Our business and customer base continues to grow each year. If you are a manufacturer of a pan & batten roof system, or a 2" tall x 16" wide structural standing seam panel, we would like to talk to you about your curving needs. Stop walking away from projects because all or part of the specified metal roof contains curved panels and trim.